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The hostess was known to her, they hugged and gave girly kisses to each other (why to make smooch sound while placing your cheeks next to each other, only women know this I guess ). Music, food and beer was all which remained until I found myself on the dance floor with Ruby. She was an awesome dancer, I am into power moves and she flowed effortlessly with the moves, almost gliding. With the raising music people started clapping as it was only two of us left dancing rest just stood watching. We did close moves, face next to each other my hands holding her waist and I lifted her a bit, did a semi circle she didn't even twitch.In another move she held my hand tight and bent until her other hand touched the ground. It was like music and two bodies , flowing and floating on the air. A trance feeling. Once the sweat broke, I said lets go, she said yeah I was going to burst my bladder anyways , we laughed and left the place. Next, she stopped the car near a beach, it was deserted, few vendors selling pav bhujia, egg omelette etc. We took a stroll by the beach , the breeze was unbelievably soothing, and we went silent. She broke the silence with 'You didn't ask what is an Enabler ?'. 'I don't ask things which seems too complicated to understand myself' I smiled , though it didn't matter as the lights were not enough for the smile to be noticed. 'I work as an escort, if you didn't know already' her voice was heavy. 'Escort as in ? I thought you are friend of Amit ji' I realized the topic is getting towards something serious. 'I enable things and business, the deals which take months to mature can be sorted out in weeks, jab mera jaado chalta hai' she feigned a laughter. I didn't ask further, she went on to tell how people open up to her and sometimes give her clues which can help close a business transaction earlier than expected, how she gives company to people visiting from abroad , how she sometimes gives them the extra 'HELP' they are seeking apart from the company. I stopped her, it was too much for me to hear, I said people doing part of it are called sex workers aren't they ? Just that they do it on a lower scale travel by taxis doesn't earn them the term applied to them.The evening was shattering inside my mind and I was thinking what the hell I have been doing. She said 'Sid the best part of today was I felt like a person and not a commodity, I felt like being with a friend and not a contract, I felt alive, contrary to what people believe , none likes to be a sex object except if one is nymphomaniac, I am not one. Not yet !' She asked me to wait there and went to her car, she returned with a flower, I could only see the outlines and dull color as it was dark on the beach, she told she had picked it from the party decoration. 'Here is to the friendship and for the pride you filled in me by not treating me like a body' she said as she handed me the flower. We drove back to my place, she stopped the car outside the building, came out gave a gentle hug.. That's when I looked at the flower a bright crimson Gerbera .. I kept standing there as her car disappeared in red dot of tail light, In the night I couldn't sleep and neither did the flower she gave me. I kept wondering how different an angel would be from her .. Ruby, an angel in disguise, changed something in me for ever that night. I met her once more before I left Mumbai, over coffee at airport, I didn't ask her personal number, she never asked me where I was from, she lives in a corner of my heart next to where I keep highest ideals of good and morals. A woman can change you for better or for worse, Ruby changed me for ever she instilled such a high respect for women in my heart which someone else with holiness attached to her personality couldn't do. ....